306 – Zygos, Zygou or Frankokastron

2000 more pictures.
The only monasterywomen/frauen can visit are the ruins of Zygos or Frankokastron. It is situated right next to the border to the holy mountain. It is an archeological site and in 2007 they were still discovering mosaic floors, frescos and other findings.   pictures by Wim V.


Sydney loch wrote in his book Athos the Holy Mountain. 1957:
“A path left the village (Ouranopolis hv) between a vineyard and some veronica bushes and ran over a headland. It dipped to a pasture and led across a red hillside to a rivulets sandy mouth. From there it turned inland amoung cistus and erica, towards slopes of pine, and wound round the ruins of Frankokastron, about which no more seems known tan that Latins build a castle at the start of the 13th century, when Athos was taken into the occupation of Constantinople during the 4th crusade”.
The Athos border with buildings and the ruins of the frankokastron.

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1 Response to 306 – Zygos, Zygou or Frankokastron

  1. Vasilis says:

    Vrouwen hebben illegaal de grens met Athos overschreden, zo meldden verschillende media, zie bijv http://www.depers.nl/buitenland/159949/Vrouwen-dringen-monnikenstaat-binnen.html

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