2119 – The beauty of Athos, flowers and more

Ferula Nodiflora with beetles, Lavra in the background

Here are some images of the sometimes overwhelming beauty of the natural environment of Mount Athos.

young shoots of Euphorbia

Along side the footpaths, in the woods, Euphorbia start growing.


But also in the rocky parts, on the slopes of the Holy Mountain itself, large bushes of Euphorbia flourish. The stairs in the background are leading to the tiny harbour of Nelios.

forest on the south slope of the mountain

One of the most beautiful paths is located at app. 700 meters on the south slope and is roughly between Prodromou and Sk. Anna. Many old trees with bizarre forms.

Laurel and Judas tree

Sometimes the vegetation is so powerfull that it consumes a building.

Herman Voogd

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