2056 – Uptown Karyes

After our quick visit to Koutloumousiou we walked back to Karyes. It was still drowned in the mysterious mist we experienced earlier that morning. At the bakery shop we walked up hill. The idea was to stroll to Andreou via an alternative, higher route. So we could watch the only town on the Holy Mountain from above; uptown Karyes.

The bell tower on the left, the Protaton on the right

An unusual perspective on the Protaton and its bell tower from the back. The fresh green grape leaves and the red roof tiles give some colour to the picture. Imagine that once, in the thirteenth century, this place was ‘visited’ by crusaders. They tortured and hanged the Protos. They sacked the Protaton and murdered monks.

Ruins in Karyes

The outskirts of Karyes hosts some deserted buildings and churches. There are konaki’s, representation houses of the 20 monasteries. The fog accentuates the spookiness. The hill in the background is almost dissolved in water. In front of the hill another ruin. Peter Howorths excellent 2016 map marks 65 buildings in Karyes but I noticed he left some structures unmarked. The hospital for instance is not on the map.

Agias Triados

This enormous four story building, Agias Triados, is left to the elements. The edge is peeled off and shows the interior as an open wound. In this light the fencing with its circular forms at the top of building is remarkable. A dwelling in front almost disappears behind the invasive shrubberies. The green copper dome of church still dominates the scene. See Hermans post about Agias Triados.

Agias Triados

The same building from a bit higher up the hill. According to Wikipedia the 2011 census reported 163 inhabitants in Karyes. Walking this route we met none of them.

Two domes

Two domes. One of them probably Ag. Ignatiou.

Ruined house

Two more pictures of this desolated part of Karyes. We walked on to our next goal, the impressive domed skiti Andreou.

Read more about the quick visit to Koutloumousiou and about the mysterious mist in Karyes.

Bas Kamps

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2 Responses to 2056 – Uptown Karyes

  1. Ruud Verkerk says:

    Wat een mooi artikel, zoveel info over ‘vergeten’ bouwwerken in Karyes.
    Morgen naar Thessaloniki en zaterdag 22-6 naar Athos, de route die ik deze keer wil doen ligt deels nog open , maar via Karyes naar de oost kant.
    Vanmiddag in de Goudse copieen winkel een leuke ontmoeting, terwijl de copieen van o.a. ‘ Athosweblog’ werden geprint kwam een monteur van Nuon binnen en zag de tafel vol met Athos info.
    ‘ O, gaat u wandelen van Filotheou naar Karakallou ? Dat is prachtig daar ‘ aan zijn accent hoorde ik dat hij Grieks was en hij bleek al acht jaar in Nederland te zijn en afkomstig uit Thessaloniki en ging nog steeds twee keer per jaar naar Athos, en een geanimeerd gesprek ontstond.
    Met hartelijke groet,
    Ruud Verkerk

  2. Sean says:

    Very nice! The mist adds a nice atmosphere to the photographs.

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