1940 – the 2017 pilgrimage: arriving at Xenofontos and the hike to Roussikon

The 8th of May: the beginning of our 2017 pilgrimage (photo’s Jitze) The boat with pilgrims arrives at Docheiariou monasterya new chapel near DocheiariouThe boat from Ouranopolis arriving at the large jetty of XenofontosNear the pier: a new house for workers is being constructedPilgrims on their way to the gate (photo Tadeusz)The second, smaller pier, directly in front of Xenofontosthe first courtyard of Xenofontos, after entering the gate (photo by Tadeusz)The guestroom of Xenofontos: our initial plan was to overnight in this monastery, but when I tried to make a reservation it showed out I was to late, it was fully booked. Also a second attempt on the 8th of May was in vain, despite the helpfull father, who willingly tried to find a bed for us.The small church of Xenofontos, seen from the guesthouse (photo’s Jitze and Tadeusz)The katholicon in the second courtyard (photo Jitze)After a quick look in the monastery and a cup of coffee and a glass of water we started our hike Panteleimonos (photo Jitze)The roads were flanked by spring flowers (photo Tadeusz)In front of us, looking to the South, almost clear skiesAnd in our backs: large and dark clouds are pulling up from the mainland – our friends from Haarlem, who walked more to the North at the same time, found out what this ment. Not far from the next monastery a long new wall shows up (photo Tadeusz)PanteleimonosWhen you have look over the wall: a farm with fruit trees (and place to burn the garden waste)The iron bridge near Panteleimonos: high above in the valley you can see skiti Xenofontos, now inhabited by the renowned father Nikon, who used to live in Nea skiti until 2016. Above the bridge you see a part of the Silouan water mill.Panteleimonos in sight (two photo’s above by Jitze)

Wim Voogd, 13/9

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