1496 – Walking from Provata to Karakalou

prov kara map

Coming from Lavra, after a short stop at the source of Athanasius the taxi dropped us near a kellion called Cell of the Panaghia. On the map it is one of the houses under and at the end the word Karakalou.(KAPAKALLOU)

1 prov kar 3 prov kar

Our starting point of the days route to Karakalou walking the monopati.

2 prov karFrom the kellion of (probably) Panaghia in the Provata area we had a beautiful view in the morning sun on kellion Timiou Stavrou, a former Ukrainian settlement where at some time 80 monks lived now again inhabited by one greek father (David).
4 provkarKellion Timiou Stavrou in september 2013. Father David was asleep according to workers.


6 prov kar kl 5 prov kar klein

From Timiou Stavrou a very nice footpath goes to Karakalou. Follow the sign. Not often used by pilgrims but easy to walk. Then suddenly a hidden bridge appears. See the map above.7 prov karTh old bridge between Timiou Stavrou and Karakalou. The stream is called Rema Tsiatali.
8 prov kar 8aLooking backwards we saw another Provata cell across the valley and a sign.10

Finally the monastery of Karakalou.9


12 11

karakalou met stavrou
In the rightcorner Timiou Stavrou. Photographer unknown.


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