1495 – Cape Akrathos


Cape Akrathos is a real cape. It is the end of the peninsula and the view from all sides is stunning.

akrathos1The last house on the cliff is inhabited by father Iosif. My brother Wim met him in 2011. Father Iosip has a good relationship with the pilots of the Greek airforce. Greek fighterjets fly over his property regulary. This is what Wim reported.

akra2The house and chapel of father Iosip with in the background the mountain itself. Father Iosip collects things such as stones, amphoras and marble pre-christian objects.When we were there in september 2013 he wasn’t there, anyway we didn’t see him. akr6 akra3

Your webmaster with Bas Kamps.                 Example of things that father Iosip collects.

akr5This is the view in the direction of Kavsokaliva (as far as the rocky islets).

akr4View on the mountain, some hermit cells and the cave of Athanasius (near the white cross). On the right, not visible, the Romanian  Skiti of Prodromou.


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