1191 – a grim discovery

In BLOG 1176 I told about the dangers of walking the paths of Mount Athos on your own.

Athos brook

Reinhold Zwerger describes in his book “Wege am Athos” that at least two pilgrims died on their trip through the dense forests and high cliffs. Today another victim is added to the list, as we learn from Greek internet sites:

Wednesday, the 16th February 2011 the police in Halkidiki made a grim discovery. Human bones found in the riverbed in a forest area of the Sografou Monastery. From personal items and documents found with the bones , the police learned that the remains were from an old Hungarian, His traces have been gone since October 29th 2008 and he has since been sought.
The “findings” were transferred to the Forensic Service of Thessaloniki.

324 Athos 2007 beekje
An Athos brook near Pantocratoros 2007.

Wim Voogd, 20/2

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2 Responses to 1191 – a grim discovery

  1. Gabriel says:

    Dear Brother in Christ ,

    Please note that in Agion Oros it exist some jackcals that eat dead animals . Last year in Agia Anna we hear very well in the time of night the noise very close . As the fahters from cell , witness , they eat a dead mule , completly in 3 days , evean the bones . But they are not brave to came in the time of day or attack the man . So you have possible explanation .

  2. j.b.van der Lecq says:


    From Zografou downwards you can easily walk to the left to Chilandar. It is properly indicated and delightful.

    When you walk to the right side in the direction of Esfigmenou it is at your own risk : I made it many times and always used to cross the brook after 15 minutes where the corpse now seems having been found.You have to fight here your own dull way through the light maquis during 2 hours, a good sport. However : Nobody will advise an old man alone with packing to this over-exercise.

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