1096 – a room with a history

Pant 1

The room in Panteleimonos were guests are welcomed. This is in 1918 during WW1.

Afbeelding 3
This photo was taken during WW2 in 1942 . You see a portrait of Hitler in the gallery under the large painting in the middle probably of the last Tsar Nicolas II.

Pant ontvangst
This is a later image of that room found on a Russian website. It is a very intriguing room with all those portraits. On the place were Hitler used to hang in the war it seems that a women has taken his place. Thanks to our friend Keliotes we know that the woman is Queen Frederica (1917 – 1981) and beside her king Paul (1901 – 1964). From the reactions on this post we learn that this room is destroyed by fire in 1968. Thanks for your comments.


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3 Responses to 1096 – a room with a history

  1. Είναι η βασίλισσα Φρειδερίκη (1917-1981) και δίπλα της ο βασιλιάς της Ελλάδος Παύλος Α΄ (1901-1964).
    Η αίθουσα αυτή, το αρχονταρίκι της Ι.Μ. Αγίου Παντελεήμονος, που φιλοξένησε τη φωτογραφία του Χίτλερ, κάηκε το 1968 μετά από μεγάλη πυρκαγιά.

  2. Η αίθουσα και στις τρεις φωτογραφίες είναι η ίδια. Σήμερα δεν υπάρχει.

  3. Vasílis says:

    ‘….was destroyed in a fire in 1968.’ Therefore the picture is not that recent as it may seem, I think. It must be before 1968, because that old room does not exist anymore, as Γιάννης said.

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