1042 – book in Greek: Odoiporikon Agioreitou ("Athonite Travelling"), by Monk Markou

I bought this little book, published in 2009 in Dafni, just before leaving Mt. Athos in 2009. It is actually a very interesting book, full with a lot of detailed information about paths, roads and settlements on Mt. Athos, the only problem is that the drawings are much to small and because they were drawn by hand, they look slightly chaotic. And another problem – for me – is, I do not understand enough of the Greek language, so it is difficult to read.

An example of a fine drawing of paths and houses near Ag. Annis

It might be a good idea to re-publish the drawings and text with an English translation and explanation, that will match this list in English.

(how can I translate “Odoiporikon Agioreitou” best ?)

Wim, 21/4

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  1. Bertinos says:

    The English translations are a bit odd. “Chapel” / “sanctuary” is a better translation for “προσκυνηταρίων” than “pilgrimage”. As for the title, I’d propose “Athonite Travelling”

  2. Dr. Paul Dumas Jr. says:

    Dear Custodians of the Sacred Relics: I write from the USA, where I am now a cathecumen as well as a Scholar-in-Residence at The Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Greater Boston. Over the past year, since my mother, whose baptized Orthodox name was Photine, passed away, I have returned again and again and again to her hagiography ~ which encourages me every day in some way. I have in my possession the account from The Great Synaxaristes, which is constructed from the hagiography of Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain. I was moved by the Lord 5 months ago by this testimony, to such an extent that it may very well be that my life’s work will be connected with the legacy of St. Photini, in some significant ways. I am a theologian, with 7 degrees in Theology, at at this juncture now stand on the threshold of a whole new life in Christ as an Orthodox Christian. I write, with some important requests. 1) Can you please tell me where the sacred relics of St. Photeini, The Samaritan Woman of John 4, are, at Mount Athos? Which monestaries are they in? Do you know if any of her family’s relics are there in the monastaries as well? 2) Can you tell me if the monasteries have any copies or original manuscripts of her hagiographies? I very much would appreciate any assistance you could offer in helping me to get started on this quest for original documents and relics of St. Photine and her family and friends. Yours in Christ, Rev. Paul Dumas, Ph.D., Scholar-in-Residence, Holy Transfiguration Monastery, 278 Warren Street, Brookline, MS, 02445, USA. Cell phone: 509-899-2327. My email is: paul.dumas55@gmail.com Thank you!

  3. herman says:

    Paul, we, webmasters of this site, do not have the information you asked for. Maybe our visitors do. I only found that Iviron has this manuscript http://ishmaelite.blogspot.com/2009/05/sunday-of-samaritan-woman.html

  4. Bertinos says:

    Paul, I’m sure that the “Friends of Mount Athos” will be able to help you at this point 🙂

  5. George F Australia says:

    Paul, the sacred leg of Saint Photini (the Samaritan) is kept in the Holy Monastery of Iviron (Iveron) at Agion Oros (Mount Athos).
    I am unaware of any original manuscripts at Mount Athos, however the most likely place these would exist would be Saint Catherine’s Monastery at Mount Sinai or the Monastery of Saint Savvas in Palestine.

  6. Mario says:

    Hello!My name is Mario, I’m from Romania, i don’t speak very good english and i have founded this beautifull about The Holly Mountain and I see that you are very close to a lot of monasteries.My request if you have information pictures of icons,date about the live of Sofronios Galigga from simonospetra because we have some holy relics from him and he heals a lot of sick people.Please respond on e-mail if you can help me.Yours Gratefully,Mario

  7. Wim says:

    Hello Mario, I’m sorry, we can’t help you on this one (we are not as close to the monasteries as it might look), but a lot of our Orthodox/Greek readers visit the Holy Mountain regularly and they may have the information need?

  8. George F Australia says:

    Hi Mario,
    If you are referring to Elder Sofronios of Essex, you will find a contemporary Icon of him on the below link:

  9. Gertrude Fernandes says:

    Dear Chosen Person of God,

    I was so much touched to read about the Holy Belt (Zoni) of Mother Mary. My whoe family (10 of us) read and experienced the joy of coming in touch with Mary thu’ this Holy Zoni. Especially great joy & hope that if we ask for a piece of this Holy Zoni, we will receive it If we use with faith, childless woman will be blessed with a child. My son & daughter-in-law, Joe/Mich are married for 8 years, so far no issue. Pl. send me a piece of this Holy Zoni for my daughter-in-law Michelle. We have great devotion to ou Mother Mary and believe that thu’ the touch of this Holy Zoni, all obstacles/hurdles/deficiency in Michelle’s conceiving will disappear and she will be blessed with gift of a child.
    Pl. send this to the following address as early as possible:

    Confidential (not to be published the address only)
    Gertrude Fernandes,
    Suraj Kiran, 228/6001
    Pantnagar, Ghatkopar (East),
    Mumbai 400 075, Maharashtra, India

  10. Wim says:

    Dear Ms. Fernandes,

    unfortunately it is not possible for us to fullfil your request. But there might be a solution: just write a letter to the Chilandariou monastery. Ask for a dried grape from the 1000-year old vine. It is said that it helps childless women with fertility…. (also see our post 347: have a look at post nr 347: http://athos.web-log.nl/athos_agios_oros_/2008/02/347_chilandario.html )

    Wim Voogd, 2/9

  11. Bertinos says:

    There is another part of the Belt of the All-Holy Mother of God at the Trooditissa Monastery at Kato Platres, near Limassol (Cyprus), which – contrary to the Holy Mountain – can be visited by women too.

  12. Gertrude Fernandes says:

    Dear Wim,

    Thanks for taking your precious time to reply to my request. I am very delighted to know 1000 yr. old Vine still exists. Yes, St. Rita’s rose plant is 600 yr. old.St. Rita’s Monastery, Cascia had sent me the powder of the 600 yr. dried Rose petals, which healed my grandchild from food allergy. God Who created this marvelous Universe can preserve & create anything – nothing is impossible for Him!We are privileged He is our Great God!!!
    May the Holy Trinity bless you, your dear ones and the work/mission that you are doing.

    Dear Bertinos,

    Thanks for the information you have so kindly given me re: Holy Belt (Zoni) of Mother Mary at the Trooditissa Monastery. Blessed are those who can visit it. I can only request for a piece or any medal touched to it.

    Many thanks, and may the Holy Trinity bless you, your dear ones and your work/mission too.


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