656- A trip to Athos (day 3 nr 10)

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We got a fine room and the rest of the day we were treated like real guests, because we were invited for a guided tour to see the church (together with some gentlemen from Austria).
One of them, a bright old men over 70, used to be a teacher in the Greek language and he was able to translate immediately.
The church is compact and covered with splendid frescos. The most interesting story was about this icon: Ikoon_agios_nikolaos_stavronikita
Ag. Nikolaos Streidas
The icon had been lying on the bottom of the sea for about 500 years and one day the monks of Stavronikita saw a light coming from the sea. They went out and fished the icon from the sea and it revealed an oyster (streidas) sticking out the icon. The spot where the oyster was removed can still be seen on the (mosaic) icon.
After this detailed explanation of the church we were abele to look around in the monastery.

arches in the courtyard of Stavronikita

clocks and the clock tower


Semantron Stavronikita

couch near the church with monk robes

wooden door leading to the Katholikon

Later in the afternoon we joined the service in the church and two Austrian guest were invited to sit in main part of the church. Conclusion: Stavronikita is a very hospitable monastery, worth a visit !
monk with semantron in front of the church

Next time some pictures from the exterior of the monastery.
Wim, 2/1


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