299 – usefull information ?

If you are planning a trip to Athos this year, this information/time-tables might help you (we have to wait till 2009 for our next journey).
Time table busses Thessaloniki – Ouranopolis vv – may 2007

General information about “Penal Sanctions” at the border -2007

Openinghours Pilgrims Office Ouranopolis – 2007

Inside the Pilgrims Office – What to do and what NOT – 2007
Time table boats to Dafni vv (a reservation was not really necessary, but we did anyway) – 2007

Time tables boats from Dafni to Ag Anni – 2007

This way to the top – 2007
Wim 1-1-2008 (and a Happy New Year to all our readers)

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1 Response to 299 – usefull information ?

  1. herman says:

    Haal die vraagteken maar weg. Je maakt het “ze” te gemakkelijk. Gelukkig nieuwjaar.

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