290- Old pictures from Panteleimon

In a Dutch photo magazine “Plaatwerk”from september 1986 I found some pictures taken by a photografer who lived in Panteleimon before WW 1. The glass-negatives were discovered in 1979 by two Dutch Athos-visitors, Paul Robert en Rolf Bos. They were after a long time one of the first to find the photo-workshop, somewhere behind the monastery buildings. They succeeded to save a few of the glass-negatives which they found between the rubble and the hundreds (thousends?) of broken glass-negatives.
I take the liberty to publish their photo’s in this web-log and I hope they don’t mind, because the pictures are very special. The dutch text from Plaatwerk is here: PDF bestand

picture of the photo-workshop from Panteleimon 1917/18 magazine Plaatwerk/sept. 1986 (thanks to Paul Robert en Rolf Bos)

Russian monks from Panteleimon 1917/18: Plaatwerk/sept. 1986

Russian monks on the veranda of Panteleimon 1917/18: Plaatwerk/sept. 1986
A Russian novice of Panteleimon 1917/18: Plaatwerk/sept. 1986

Here is a map of Panteleimon, from the book of Erich Feigel – Athos: Vorholle zum Paradies.
1. entrance
2. Archondarikion
3. Katholikon
4. Trapeza
5. Phiale

A. Cocktower
B. Kitchen
C. Chappels
D. en E. Dubble church
G. H. Chapples
I. Little Church
J. burnt by fire
K.L.M.N. chapels etc.
O. guesthouse
P. meetingroom
R. burnt by fire
Q. monks cells
S. harbour
T. churchyard
V.- Z. houses of workers, laundry etc etc

Are the pictures that you can see in 287 from the same photo-workshop ?

Wim, 20/12


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