2073 -The courtyard of Pantocratoros

We spend the night in Pantocratoros. In the morning we allowed ourselves some time to wonder around the courtyard of Pantocratoros. I took the opportunity to take some pictures, that I want to share with you.

An orange tree contrasts with the ox-blood painted walls and the beige keep. The brick walls are well restored. There is a domed white marble baptismal font. One tree trunk is painted white. The fog surpassed the night.

The same orange tree with a blue background. The part over the central gate. The white pillars are an illusion; they are painted onto the stucco. The windows are real.

From the first floor is a wonderful view of the katholikon, the main church. Due to the high humidity a special reflection on the lead strips appeared.

The church bell with the katholikon.

The meditative floor of the central courtyard. The richness of colour and shapes is just stunning. Easy to overlook such a floor. But once you have seen it, there is no resistance against its simple and pure  beauty.

An overview of the inner courtyard with the top of the Phiale (=a building around a fountain), and the main entrance of the katholikon.

A detail of the leadworks on the roof of the katholikon.

To take the time to explore the details of the courtyard proved very inspiring. There is so much beauty and wonder in the simple aspects of Athonian buildings, a floor, a tile, a lead construction. All details are filled with a sense of spirituality.

Bas Kamps

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  1. Sean Surlow says:

    Very nice photo shoot and text as always…

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