1957 – the ‘new’ Paleo Monastiro part II

In post 1947 I presented my pictures of the newly renovated buildings and churches of the Paleo Monastiro, the old monastery of the Russians on Athos. I pointed out that the main church is relatively easy accessible, and we were honored that the Ukrain monk Bogdan invited us for a visit to this newly painted church.

But there is another church on the premesis, only 100 meters further North. When I visited Paleo Monastiro in 2009 a fence prevented me to have closer look at this church, but I succeded to make this picture:The second church of Paleo Monastiro in 2009: the South side of church still covered with rough boards.

Let’s have a look at the situation in 2017 and walk around the church (clearly the fence is totally removed).The new pavement leading to the second church of Paleo Monastiro.The south wall of church in 2017: the timber has been removed and the original brick wall appeared.  On the right a light blue ‘attached’ building next to the church. All vegatation that surrounded the church in 2009 has been cut down.Looking back to the South and the acces road, that leads to the main church. This picture showes the East wall of the second church and the blue building. The North facade of the church with the light blue building and the stairs to the entrance.The North West corner of the churchAn old picture that I found on the internet: here the North West facade has an annex attached.The situation in 2009 (photo Jitze bakker) At the far end of this West wall I discovered the foundation stone of the church: 1882.The walk around the church ends with this picture: the South West corner. On my back to my fellow pilgrims who stayed in the main church area, I found two graves of deceased monks: Pachomiou, who died on 30/10/2013, 78 years old, and an old blue cross, without a name.

Another (aerial) picture from the internet: the situation in 1988.

Barski made the first drawing of the Old Panteleimon in 1744This undated postcard shows the situation of the monastery before 1882. Most of the buildings that formed a square in 1744, but also the tower and the old church in the middle, disappeared.The late 1860: the place is ruins, but a part of the old tower (and the old church?) seam to be in place.The North East wing: the tower is almost demolished (1870). May 1870:  the preparations to build the main church are on their way.

Wim Voogd, 29-11

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  1. Sean Surlow says:

    Very Nice Photo Essay…Thanks.

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