1080 – Athos websites: Monachos.net

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There are many websites about Mt. Athos. Some of them give interesting information about the history, others pay attention to the cultural or the religious importance of this holy place (or combinations of these topics). In the side bar of this weblog we do not intent to give you complete summary of all Athos-sites, we think Google is good enough to find everything about Athos on the web. We limited ourselves to show you links to sites that directly lead you to monasteries and other Athos-settlements, and to some other long existing or important links. Today though I want to pay extra attention to the Monachos-site. It gives a lot of (basic) information about Mt. Athos, but especailly the Athos forum in the English language is worth visiting, because it might help you answering questions about Athos.

But beware, do NOT use the information on the “Visiting Mount Athos-page”, the information is outdated! You’d better check this doc out: Download How do I arrange a visit to the Holy Mountain .

Monachos website forum
The Mount Athos-forum on Monachos.net

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3 Responses to 1080 – Athos websites: Monachos.net

  1. art101 says:

    well, don’t misunderstand me, but giving support -money I suggest- to vadopedi seems to me nowadays like bringing coal to newcastle (oder eulen nach athen).

  2. Dimitris says:

    What money? This is simply a petition to give one’s solitude to Vatopaidi regarding the unfair attacks to the monastery from the press regarding the recent “scandal”. The monastery didn’t do anything wrong.. It just wasn’t careful enough with its affairs with the state. You have everyu right to be critical, but don’t believe everything the press tells you..

  3. art101 says:

    I didn’t mention the link.

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