337 – Women and Athos

Women say goodbye before the men enter the boat to Dafni, Athos.

Weblog visitor Vicky Valanos asked the question about women on Athos. Several pages in Graham Speake’s book Renewal in Paradise rever to this subject. In a note he writes about an article in Bryer, Anthony and Mary Cunningham (editors), Mount Athos and Byzantine Monasticism, Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies Publications, no. 4, Aldershot pp. 67 -79: Ashgate Variorum, 1996. This article is written by Alice- Mary Talbot and is titled Women and Mt Athos. She discribes a range of business transactions between Athonite monks and women in the Byzantine period, often acts of donation that ” explicitly reveal women ‘s strong yearning for spirutual links with the Holy Mountain which they could never visit” (p.77). See also nr. 310 of this weblog.
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This is an article which is I found on the internet: A Woman In Mount Athos BY ALEXIA AMVRAZI . Also see Athens News 1997: Download article_athens_news_women_on_athos_17_9_1997.pdf

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