285 – postoffice in Karyes

According to this sketch, taken from the Zwerger-map (sept. 2001), the postoffice (TTT) can be found near the Protaton church and between the embassies of Karakalou and Xenofontos (numbers 10 and 13).
The centre of Karyes – Athos map from Reinhold Zwerger- A-1020 Wien, Wohlmutstr. 8

Citymap from “Athos Vorhoelle zum Paradies”by Erich Feigl (added 29-12-2007)

I did not find a picture of this building, the best I have is this one:

If I remember correctly that there were some more houses in this area of Karyes a couple of years ago and I don’t know if this city plan is acurate and up-to-date. The postoffice should be on the right side of this picture near the white building ?

This letter shows some rare examples of Mount Athos stamps from 1916.


groet, Wim

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  1. Vasilis says:

    Wim wrote: ‘The postoffice should be on the right side of this picture near the white building?’ Answer: yes. The building seems to be the ‘Kellí Zoodóchou Pigís’ and from this point of view the postoffice should be located ‘north-east’behind the the building, as I wrote befor. (nr 282)

  2. Wim says:

    Bedankt Vasilis, ik had je eerdere reactie gemist !
    gr Wim

  3. Hallo Wim,
    Was enige tijd afwezig maar zie nu dat er wat info over het postkantoor in Karyes is.
    (Het lukt me echter niet oudere reacties door te bladeren.)
    Maar ik begrijp dat er geen foto van het postkantoor beschikbaar is en dat de foto uit 1989 met de brievenbus dus niet het postkantoor toont. (leuk overigens dat er eenzelfde foto uit 2003 is waar de brievenbus is verdwenen…)
    Vind je het goed dat ik de 1989 foto gebruik in mijn post-boek (uiteraard onder vermelding van photo: Wim Voogd, 1989) ?
    Vriendelijke groet,
    Rolf (rolf@weijburg.nl)

  4. Wim says:

    Rolf, het gebruik vd foto is geen probleem.
    gr Wim

  5. Rolf says:

    Hartelijk dank, Wim!
    Vriendelijke groeten,

  6. Vasilis says:

    The (new) postoffice of Karyes is on the street left along the Protaton. You can’t mis it. Five days ago I took a photograph for this blog, but unfortunedly I lost my camera on the way Karyes-Stavronikita (the part Skiti Bourazeri-Stavronikita).So if someone did find it….

  7. japetusgr says:

    Has anyone posted a letter/postcard from there?
    Are they using the collectors “Mt. Athos” series of stamps for postage or do they use the normal greek ones instead?

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