2192 – Trees on Mount Athos by Bas Kamps

Vatopedi, Camelia

Athosweblogger Bas Kamps photographed not only several trees when he visited Mount Athos but also back in The Netherlands trees is often his topic. He recently made a website with his photography.

tree with cross, Nilos chapel

Nilos chapel is located on the south slope of the mountain. Through the branches the path to Kavsokalivia is visible.

Judas tree in Karyes.

The purple flowers of the Judas tree above the roofs of the Karyes houses.

cypress in front of the protaton

Cypresses on Mt. Athos are indicating that habitation is not far away. This is the central spot of the peninsula, with the Protaton church, the belltower and the building with the stairs of the Epistasis.

tree near Koutloumousiou

As in the previous image, it was a foggy day in Karyes in 2019. This is near the monastery of Koutloumousiou.

Olive trees on the terraces of Paulou

Take a look at the new website of Bas Kamps (in Dutch) with trees in landscapes, in cities, with water and the rest of the Holy Mountain trees.

Herman Voogd

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