1917 – The sound of the tálanton at Esfigmenou

This is what we heard when entering the monastery of Esfigmenou after a long walk coming from  the other coast,  from Thibais. The beating on the wooden tálanton is a call for the monks to go to the church. Only the monks, no orthodox pilgrims were allowed in the church because it was monday, a monk told us. We did not have a reservation but the monks invited us to stay which we thankfully accepted because the other monastery in the surroundings, Chilandariou was full.
The movie shows the church of Esfigmenou which looked different in 1853.esfigmenou 2017 church.png

Herman Voogd

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  1. Herman, I reposted your wonderful little video on my Facebook page. I hope you don’t mind. (I gave you the proper credit.)

  2. Sean Surlow says:

    Very Nice Herman!

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