1189 – Athos wildlife: seagulls

When sailing to Athos/ the harbour of Dafni vv. the seagulls (mostly Larus Argentatus) always form a special attraction.

Feeding seagulls
On this Blog, with many (!) absolute fabulous pictures from Athos, seen on Flickr, you will a lot of photos of Athos wildlife.

Here are some of them:

Seagull 1

Seagull and thibais
Thibais on the background

Seagull 2

Seagull 3

Seagull 4

Seagulls 4

Seagull 5

Seagull 6

Seagull 7

Seagull 8

Seagull 9

Seagull and mountain

Seagull and mountain 2

Wim, 15/2 (more Athos birds on 194)

All photos copyrighted © by their respective owners Flickriver.com


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