1157 – postcards from Mount Athos

Now and then ‘new’ postcards can be found on the internet. Here are two from 1958, from Mylopotamos and Panteleimon.

Postcard Mylopotamos 1958

Postcard Panteleimonos 1958

Postcard docheiariou
Docheiariou (French) – nr 922

Postcard kellion dostoino est athos 1907
Kellion Dostoino Est = Axion Esti.  A drawing of a ‘model’ kellion, near Karyes on the Holy Mountain. Look at the pilgrims (with rugsacks and sticks) arriving on the left road.

Dafni postcard


Iviron and Serail helicopter
Aerial Iviron and a helicopter/militairy trucks in front of the Serail. The helicopter is a Sikorsky S-55, a model introduced in 1949. I think the picture is frm the 1960-ties.

Nicolas Bouazeri, a Greek settlement near Karyes. The bell tower had disappeared in the meantime.

Wim, 3/1/11

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3 Responses to 1157 – postcards from Mount Athos

  1. Bertinos says:

    “Dostoino Est” (or Yest) is Slavic for “Axion Estin”.
    The caption at the last picture reads “Obitel’ of Saint Nicholas the Miracle-maker “of the White Lake” on Athos”. “Of the White Lake” can also refer to the city of Belozersk

  2. Bertinos says:

    … because Belozersk means “White Lake Town”

  3. Stanko says:

    Hello !
    It looks like an old abandoned russian seminary, not far from Karyès (Saint Andrew ???), that I visited in 1995.

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