1040 – Women on Athos

The fact that women on Athos are not allowed caught the attention of the European Parliament. You can find many questions of members of the European parliament on the official site of the EU. Most of them in relation with the European money that is invested in de restauration of the Monasteries. And sometimes about the Avaton (the ban on women).
I found an European Parliament resolution on the situation of fundamental rights in the European Union 2001 (2001/2014 (INI)). Number 78. is about lifting the Avaton, The text of the resolution:
“…. insists that the ban on women entering Mount Athos in Greece is lifted, Says that this is an area of 400 km2, where women are not allowed under a 1045 decision by the monks of the 20 monasteries in the area and that this decision today is a violation of generally accepted principles of equality between men and women of the Community legislation on non-discrimination and equality, as well as the provisions on free movement of persons within the EU”.

The resolution has had no effect until now.
Pictures of women are not forbidden though. This picture is taken in the hall of Esfigmenou, the most Orthodox of Orthodox Monastaries on Athos. You can see a – not religious – couple of farmers on the left side of the picture.

Bas Kamps

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4 Responses to 1040 – Women on Athos

  1. Bertinos says:

    There is no juridical ground for the abolition of the Avaton. “The status of the Holy Mountain and the jurisdiction of the Hagiorite institutions were expressly described and ratified upon admission of Greece to the European Union.” (see Wikipedia)

  2. Wim says:

    The legal status of the 20 monastery strong community, that enjoys special status, is established in the Accession Treaty of Greece to the EEC, which was reaffirmed in Amsterdam and anneí to the final Act of the Amsterdam Treaty on 15th of September 1997.

  3. Bas Kamps says:

    The agreement on the accession of the Hellenic Republic (The Schengen acquis)is clear as well. Article 5 speaks of a joint Declaration concerning Mount Athos:

    Recognising that the special status granted to Mount Athos, as guaranteed by Article 105 of the Hellenic Constitution and the Charter of Mount Athos, is justified exclusively on grounds of a spiritual and religious nature, the Contracting Parties will ensure that this status is taken into account in the application and subsequent preparation of the provisions of the 1985 Agreement and the 1990 Convention.

  4. Jaap Zondervan says:

    Fijn dat het zo geregeld is. Hopi bon

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