516 – old pictures of the Serail or Skiti Andreou

A drawing of the church of the Serail after its opening on june 16th 1867 by Tsar Alexander II Alexandrovitch.

and a “air-view” lithograph of Skiti Andreou (about 1900):

And here a historical picture of the Serail on 5th of july 1905 (Feast of Athanasius): in front of the trapeza numerous monks sit in the courtyard and have their meal in the open air.
athos-skiti-andreou-5-juli-190560 years later this sad picture is taken: the last surviving monk in the summer of 1965. Soon after he died and the Serail was handed over to Vatopediou, the owner of the land of Skiti Andreou.

This picture is from september 2th 1908, with the Archimandrite Seraphim of the Serail. At that moment the power of this settlement was at its height. The picture is made by the “house-photographer” of the Skiti.
Is this person maybe the same as the one who was burried in courtyard, as shown in post 515 ?
All pictures are from the book: Athos – Vorhoelle zum Paradies / Erich Feigl – Michael Epp (photographer), Paul Zsolnay Verlag – Wien Hamburg 1982 ISBN 3-552-03400-5. Many thanks to them.
Wim, 16 july


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  1. Vasilis says:

    Speaking about painters: for me is Theofánis The Cretan (16th century) the greatest. His Theotókos in the church of I.M. Stavronikíta is wonderful. He also painted a lot of fresco’s, on Agion Oros and Metéora as well. Wallpaintings about the Paschastory (27th of April 2008) see http://www.eikastikon.gr/xristianika/kris/index_en.html.

  2. Vasilis says:

    On this site you will also find a drawing made by Kóntoglou of I.M. Ivíron (1923): http://www.eikastikon.gr/xristianika/kontoglou/index2_en.html

  3. patrick love says:

    Great site here. Thank you for putting this information out there.

  4. Wim says:

    see a panorama picture of Athos on http://www.patricklovephotography.com/ : Travel Places nr 42.

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