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346 – Chilandariou 1914-1918

Unique Colour! photograph’s of the Serbian monastery by Fernand Cuville taken during WW1. Tour conjointe des maisons, dans la campagne: This tower is not within the compounds of the monastery. Is it still in the surroundings or in ruins? It … Continue reading

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247 – Hitlers portrait in Panteleimon 1942

Pictures of the Tsars (Alexander 3 and Nicolaas 2?) Tsarina’s , abbots and other holy men but who do we see in the centre?! Germany was in charge in Greece during WW2 so they had to (or did voluntarily) remove … Continue reading

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153 – Monks by Fernan Cuville 1918 Aфон

Deacon Father Arthemios, Chilandariou Monk from Iviron Blind monk, skiti Andreou (Serail) Herman Voogd

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