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2199 – Ali Sami Bey, Ottoman photographer

Ali Sami Bey (prob. 1872 – unknown) worked as a photographer in Karyes from 1925 till 1927. He was a ex-colonel and so called aide-de-camp to the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II. He made black and white photo’s but he … Continue reading

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1864 – The oldest pictures of Athos: Simonos Petras

Herman has already shown some of the oldest pictures of Athos by Ernest de Caranza & Emile Charles Labbé. The pictures were taken in the year 1853. Today we will focus on some of their early images from Simonos Petras. … Continue reading

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1861 – Find the differences

Xiropotamou in 1853. Photo by Ernest de Caranza and Emile Charles Labbé. Watch the figure in the tower on the right. Xiropotamou in 2013. Photo by H. Voogd. The towerclock is not round shaped anymore and they plastered the church … Continue reading

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1860 – The earliest photographs of Mount Athos 1853

In 1853 photographer Ernest de Caranza and artist Emile Charles Labbé (probably both sitting next to the ship in the harbour of Pantocratoros)) visited Mount Athos and made a series of photographs to make an album compromising 87 salt prints … Continue reading

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862 – the Photo studio of Panteleimon II

In 861 I told about the two Dutchmen who discoverred the ruined photo studio at Panteleimon: I will continue their story by quoting a part of their story. Two elders and a novice having a cup of tea on a … Continue reading

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861 – the Photo studio of Panteleimon I

In 1976 two Dutch pilgrims, Rolf Bos and Paul Robert, visited the Holy Mountain. They ended up in Panteleimon, the Russian monastery on Mount Athos, that once was inhabited by 3.000 monks. In 1986 only a couple old Russians remained … Continue reading

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399 – Pictures of Athos by the Ewing Galloway company

In the book as mentioned in 389 and 390 I found 8 pictures of Ewing Galloway from New York (1881 – 1953). If you Google his name you’ll find a lot of pictures/posters for sale, and some of them are … Continue reading

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287 – portraits

More (212) historical portraits here. hv

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