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1837 – Watercolours by Serbian artists of the ruins of Vasiliou

In 2015 we entered Mount Athos by boat from Ierissos. We passed the ruins of the small monastery of Saint Basil or Vasiliou. Vasiliou belongs to the Serbian monastery of Chilandariou. A couple of hundred meters inland the Milutin tower … Continue reading

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1770 – Some frescoes of Chilandariou (day two, second intermezzo)

In the outer ring of the courtyard we found a covered space with old murals. Frescoes that are in a bad condition. The heads and especially the eyes of the saints are badly damaged. Sometimes the heads and eyes of … Continue reading

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1769 – A closer look at Chilandariou (second day, first intermezzo)

When we walked around the monastery of Chilandariou after a short stay at guesthouse, details caught my eye. Stony details to be precise, in the walls and sometimes on the floors. I would like to share these elements with you, … Continue reading

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1510 – Gregoriou: a warm welcome for a pilgrim

Gregoriou is first mentioned in documents of 1347 and 1348. In 1489 it is decribed as being Serbian later it was Greek again. It was burned down about 1500.  A second fire burned it in or about 1761. The monastery … Continue reading

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1504 – a visit to the Milutin tower

During my visit in September 2013 I had the opportunity to pay a visit to this tower, build in 1300/1302 by Milutin, the younger son of the Serbian king Stefan Urosh I. The tower is build to defend the Serbian Chilandar … Continue reading

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347 – Chilandariou 1997

In 1997 we walked from Sografou to Chilandariou: the path sometimes changed into a little brook: This a plan a of the monastery: You enter the monastery through this magnificent gate (1): and you can expect your coffee with raki … Continue reading

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