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2135 – A walk in the night around Simonos Petras

Quite contrary to my normal habits I woke up very early. It was still night and pitch dark. I didn’t want to disturb my sleeping fellow pilgrims so I went outside very quietly. We were in the new guest building, … Continue reading

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2011 – Doors

There are different types of doors to admire on the Holy Mountain. The important monastery main gate doors such as this one from Konstamonitou monastery who will be closed after the sun is set. A small rusted door at Koutloumousiou. … Continue reading

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1962 – The historical red balcony of Simonos Petras is gone forever!

The entrance of Simonos Petras at the back of the monastery in 1917 with on the right the red balcony. Because the front on the monastery is so spectacular the back is not that much photographed. The same spot, but now … Continue reading

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1956 – On the way to Skiti Andreou and its church bells

Approaching Skiti AndreouComing from Maroudá we walked down to Skiti Andreou. Leaving the wooded area this is the first encounter with the impressive domescape of the former Russian monastic settlement with its golden crosses.The cypresses seem to compete with the … Continue reading

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1915 – The red chapel of Andreou

The history of the oldest chapel in the skiti of Andreou is written in post 1850. A short history in foto’s by Cuville (1918), Koolschijn (1970), Geldermans (1972), Wim Voogd (2015) en Herman Voogd (2017).Herman Voogd

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1816 – Natural red

Vegetation with Vatopedi in the background. “Coleus”-plant near the small back entrance of Stavronikita. Cactus fruits in front of Pantokratoros. Berries with Simonaspetras behind. Leaves in the forest.Rosehips near Chera on the central ridge between Vatopedi and Sografou. Tree Trunk … Continue reading

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1815 – Red

Karyes, main square with shop. Sign near Kaliagra. Reflection in the exo narthex of the Pantocratoros main church. The Esfigmenou fire truck.Birdsnest in Esfigmenou courtyard.Tomatoes in the Esfigmenou kitchen. Machine in Esfigmenou near the harbour. Pantokratoros near the main entrance.Fishnets … Continue reading

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