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2199 – Ali Sami Bey, Ottoman photographer

Ali Sami Bey (prob. 1872 – unknown) worked as a photographer in Karyes from 1925 till 1927. He was a ex-colonel and so called aide-de-camp to the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II. He made black and white photo’s but he … Continue reading

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2155 – two Athos icons from 1977, painted by monk Antonios

It is rather unusual to find original Athos icons, that are for sale on the internet. But almost a month ago I saw two offered on Catawiki, painted by monk Antonios. Most icons are made by anonymous painters, also on … Continue reading

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1740 – How to paint an icon?

Monk Loukas from Xenofontos monastery showes you in 25 minutes how to paint a beautiful icon of Jesus. It is worth watching, with an explanation in English! Sorry, this video has been removed. Wim, 3/2/2016 Wim, 11/8 (thanks Vasilis)

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1728 – the Lavra Konaki in Karyes

In three posts (1269, 1270 and 1272) I showed you pictures of almost all Konaki’s of the monasteries in Karyes. One of the missing was the Konaki of Lavra, nr 65, just outside the map below, on the far right. … Continue reading

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1684 – the icon painters of Lakkou skiti

One of the reasons to go to Mount Athos in 2014 was to buy a real Athos-icon. When we told Father Gabriel that we were looking for a good quality icon, he immediately brought us to a room in the … Continue reading

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1455 – building of the Brotherhood of the Ioasafaion

In a earlier post we asked more details about this building on an old postcard. Readers Vasilis and Hans Overduin told us it is located in Kavsokaliva and that is is a studio for iconpainters: the Brotherhood of the Ioasafaion. … Continue reading

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