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1460 – map with forgotten footpaths

This map showes some footpaths (……..) which I fear are no longer there. Reason is the continious bulldozering of the paths replacing them by dirtroads.  For years now the path from Lavra to Iviron is one long dirtroad, not interesting … Continue reading

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1439 – The stairs from Sk. Anna to the harbour

The guestquarters of Skiti Anna. To reach the harbour of the skiti you will have to take the stairs.                                   300 meters below you see the harbour (arsanas)                           … Continue reading

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1438 – The path from Chilandariou to Sografou

The footpath from Chilandariou (arrow on the left) to Sografou monastery (arrow on the right). It takes about 100 minutes to walk to Sografou.Leaving the Serbian monastery of Chilandariou.View on the ruins of the seaside monastery Vasiliou, a small island, … Continue reading

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