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2148 – random photos and articles in chronological order – no 3

1925 nr 1 In post 1418 we told the story of “Agathon the Fool”, here on a photo in Kavsokalivia. He was a simple layman who lived in abandoned monastic cells during the decades of the 1920’s and 1930’s. 1925 … Continue reading

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1776 – The fishing monk of Esfigmenou

The monastery of Esfigmenou with a monk fishing. When we take a closer look we see that he is fishing directly under the ” Orthodoxy or Death”  sign.                                           In the waters off Mount Athos there is a special fisheries … Continue reading

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1547 – Archipelagos: Illegal fishing practices in Mount Athos

Monk fishing photo by Robert Byron, early 20th century One year has passed since Archipelagos, Institute of Marine Conservation of Greece, first reported to the national authorities the on-going incidents of illegal and destructive fishing practices taking place in the … Continue reading

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908 – Fishing and gardening

Very early color autochrome by Fernand Cuville of Esfigmenou monastery. Picture taken during World War 1 1914 -1918. Watch the garden and the pier on the foreground. The garden but now the photo is taken from the monastery. September 2009. … Continue reading

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583 – Monk fishing

Photo by Robert Byron early 20th century detail hv

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429 – fishing monks from Iviron

These pictures belong to an article form a Belgian site and are from 07-06-1913. The article speakes about the russian military occupation because of the Schismatic monasteries. Wim Voogd, 6/4

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