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1635 – Chilandariou in color autochromes in 1918 by Fernand Cuville

                  The courtyard near the church and the Saint Savvas tower by Cuville A mural of Christ.                       The narthex and the iconostase with an icon of the Virgin and Child.Cloth depicting … Continue reading

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1634 -Vatopedi in color autochromes, 1918 by Cuville

Fernand Cuville worked for the photographic section of the French army in the World War one . He made this stunning color autochromes from Vatopedi monastery in 1918. In the background on the hill the ruins of the  Athos academy. … Continue reading

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1604 – early (color) photography

This is an autochrome of Esfigmenou in 1918 by the French army photographer Fernand Cuville(1887–1927). This is not the first time we blog about Cuville. The early color photographs he made on the peninsula are quite stunning.       … Continue reading

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1180 – Athos monks by French photographers in WW I: 1918

In the first World War Athos was occupied by the French for a short while. During this period a photographer “Le Baron”, who accompanied G. Milet, an Athos-“connaisseur”, took his change (just like Napeoleon did in Egypt more then 100 … Continue reading

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983 – Entrance Vatopedi

Fernand Cuville head entrance Vatopedi. Autochrome, very early colour photographie 1918. Almost the same shot (by hv) but now in sept. 2009. The stained glas window is not the same as in 1918. Maybe it is the old glas but … Continue reading

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554 – swinging lamp

Autochrome by Cuville: Tower of the arsanas of Iviron 1918 when there were still Georgians present in the monastery Swinging icon-lamp in Athos monastery announced S.Ossetian tragedy – daily Moscow, September 4, Interfax – A silver lamp before royal doors … Continue reading

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542 – Colour Autochromes by Cuville

Chilandariou hv

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538 – Pantokratoros by Cuville

Very early color images by Frenchman Cuville 1918. hv

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415 – Vatopedi by Fernand Cuville 1918

Fernand Cuville (1887-1927) Fernand Cuville is best known for his photographs taken during the war of 1914-1918, and in particular his autochromes. Having spent his youth in Bordeaux, he was able to meet the photographers from Bordeaux Leon Auguste, in … Continue reading

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346 – Chilandariou 1914-1918

Unique Colour! photograph’s of the Serbian monastery by Fernand Cuville taken during WW1. Tour conjointe des maisons, dans la campagne: This tower is not within the compounds of the monastery. Is it still in the surroundings or in ruins? It … Continue reading

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