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1768 – The monopati from Cosma’s cave to Chilandariou (second day, third leg)

The first stretch of the monopati is densely forested. The small trees enclose the outside world with abundant foliage. A drizzle found its way through the leaves. There are many traces of wild boar along the path. The marks of … Continue reading

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1765 – Between Bulgaria and Serbia. Cosmas revisited (day two, second leg)

Mount Athos is one of the most peaceful places on earth. The turmoil of violent attacks or even war feels far away from the monasteries and the paths that connect them. The brutal outer macrocosm, its violent conflicts and worldly … Continue reading

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1438 – The path from Chilandariou to Sografou

The footpath from Chilandariou (arrow on the left) to Sografou monastery (arrow on the right). It takes about 100 minutes to walk to Sografou.Leaving the Serbian monastery of Chilandariou.View on the ruins of the seaside monastery Vasiliou, a small island, … Continue reading

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