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2149 – random photos in chronological order – no 4

I will start this post with four photographs from the first (?) Athos bus, a Mercedes Benz, that arrived on Athos during the millenium celebrations in 1963. This picture is at the arsanas of Iviron dates from this period. On … Continue reading

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2007 – The main square in Karyes

The main square in Karyes is where the bus from Dafni stops, where pilgrims take minibuses to the monasteries, do their shoppings, drink coffee or an Amstel while waiting for the buses. It can be very busy when the buses arrive … Continue reading

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1703 – The first bus on Athos was a Mercedes

The road from the harbour of Dafni to the village of Karyes was build in 1963 when the millenium (963-1963) celebrations took place. Before that there was a path (monopati) and mules took the pilgrims to Karyes where they got … Continue reading

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1458 – From Saloniki with the bus to Ouranoupolis

In 2013 my fellow pilgrims and I drove in less then 3 hours from Haarlem, The Netherlands to the airport of Cologne/Bonn in Germany where we took a Germanwings flight directly to Thessaloniki. At the time for us the cheapest … Continue reading

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846 – bus Thessaloniki – Ouranopolis: Arnea

Before leaving enjoy from the busstation we took breakfast: Bougatsa with cream, an Athos mineral water and a metrio. Halfway the bus stops at Arnea: Where water from a well flows through a thick tree: Wim, 10/8

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