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2268 – FoMA footpath team 2022 – part 3.01: the Ridge path above Vatopedi to Chera

At 6 o’clock we woke up for our next day of cleaning the Mount Athos footpaths: breakfast was served at 6.30, with delicious calamaris, potatoes. olives and a glass of rosé wine. Our aim for this day was to clear … Continue reading

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2128 – breaking news: a landslide destroyed the road between Karyes and Dafni

Update 15/4: On 13th April, Mount Athos peninsula was declared a state of emergency by a decision by the Governor of Central Macedonia, Apostolos Tzitzikostas – information from Romfea.gr. What this will mean for visitors to Athos in the coming … Continue reading

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2112 – Crossing the stone fall of Megali Sara

Between Nilou or Nilos and Prodromou the monopati runs over an impressive stone avalanche area called Megali Sara The path was formed by passing monks after the 1905 earthquake, that created the stone fall. The region is geologically quite unstable. … Continue reading

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2097 – Monastery of Agiou Paulou

18th century drawing by Barsky. The name Paulou came probably from Paul Xeropotamites founder of Xeropotamou monastery. Paulou started as a small dependance of this monastery but was not important enough to be mentioned in the Typikon of 1046. Two … Continue reading

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1528 – Nelios and Megali Sara

Arriving at the kellion Nelios we found nobody there. The kellion consists of a couple of houses on a plateau. The main house is restored not too long ago. We saw a new roof, walls and wood work. We had … Continue reading

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1468 – Earthquake 1905

In november 1905 a 7,5 Richter scale earthquake hit the Mt. Athos Peninsula. The epic centre was located near the monastery of Stavronikita as to be seen on this map.There was damage in Karyes, Lavra, Kavsokalivia and many other places.                                                                             … Continue reading

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