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1973 – Autochromes by Stéphane Passet

In the turbulent year of 1913 Stéphane Passet made this autochrome of the Russian monastery of Panteleimonos. Stéphane François Marie Passet (1875-1941) was an amateur photographer and appointed operator on behalf of the Archives de la Planète (Archives of the Planet). … Continue reading

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1800 – Inside Pantocratoros (day three, first intermezzo)

When we entered Pantocratoros after our stroll from Vatopediou, we found the monastery in deep rest. We conquered the monastery without being noticed. Nobody in the courtyard. The church was closed. Opposite the church we heard the sound of dishes. … Continue reading

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1604 – early (color) photography

This is an autochrome of Esfigmenou in 1918 by the French army photographer Fernand Cuville(1887–1927). This is not the first time we blog about Cuville. The early color photographs he made on the peninsula are quite stunning.       … Continue reading

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153 – Monks by Fernan Cuville 1918 Aфон

Deacon Father Arthemios, Chilandariou Monk from Iviron Blind monk, skiti Andreou (Serail) Herman Voogd

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