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2180 – A closer look at the two modern archangels at Dochiariou

The first monastery where the ferry calls is Dochiariou. Since 2014 this monastery is enriched with two bronze statues of the archangels Michael and Gabriel. During our last pilgrimage I had an opportunity to take close-ups, en face, of the … Continue reading

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1958 – Death in the Serail

The Russian period in the Serail ended in a sad way because there came no fresh blood from the Soviet Union. It is described in various posts in the blog, for instance here.The tomb of the founder of the skete: Hegumen … Continue reading

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1523 – Angels by french photographers in 1918

1. icon in Gregoriou by Millet. 2. mural in Dionysiou by Martel. 3.mural in trapeza Chelandariou by Millet. 4. Mosaic in Vatopedi by Le Baron 5. mural in Protaton, Karyes by Le Baron. hv

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1493 – Christ Anapeson in the Protaton

The interior of the  10th century Protaton church in Karyes is not much photographed. But French photographer Roger Le Baron made a whole serie of photo’s of the inside in 1918. The cracks (caused by the 1905 earthquake?) in the … Continue reading

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1128 – angels on Mount Athos?

Today I received a Google alert with this message in Greek: “Angels are seen on a picture made in wintertime on Athos”! I do not want to spoil the excitement, because I also would love to see a real angel, but … Continue reading

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466 – Michael Choukas: Black Angels of Athos

Black Angels of Athos: Medieval Men in a Modern World by Michael Choukas. Foreword by Robert M. MacIver. Publisher: Stephen Daye Press Year: 1934 Pages: 327 Description: From the New York Times Book Review in 1935: For more than 1,000 … Continue reading

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