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659 – Gifts to Jesus

The Wise Men then presented Jesus with three gifts – gold (a precious alloy), frankincense (perfume) and myrrh (anointing oil). Scholars debate whether the gifts were medicinal or materials, but each had symbolic value. Gold was kingship on earth, while … Continue reading

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627 Re-think ban on women?

But the main treasure of Mount Athos is the place itself and many Orthodox women feel frustrated by the ban on visiting it. “I would love to see it, but I know I never will”, is a common comment, though … Continue reading

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615 – Beardless youths

Photo by Athos memory. Tenth-century regulations for the Lavra and for Athos in general forbid the use of female animals, but specifically exclude only beardless men and eunuchs. “Children in Byzantine Monasteries” Richard Greenfield Many, perhaps a majority, of those … Continue reading

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492 – Again women on Athos

According to a Belgian newssite 4 Moldavian women were arrested on the Holy Mountain. They came by speedboat from Turkey and landed by accident near the arsanas of Lavra trying to get to Greece as immigrants. More in English here.More … Continue reading

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453 – Introduction film to Mount Athos

This 27 minutes English spoken film showes images of the 1997 exhibition in Thessaloniki: Treasures of Mount Athos, a procession with, I believe, the patriarch and monks bringing relics to a boat so that female pilgrims are able to venerate … Continue reading

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424 – Article on women on Athos

Icon, Iviron 1535But what is it like never to look at a woman? Hector gazes across some olive groves at the sapphire Aegean: “Well, actually, once every few years, one or two monks may indeed see a woman. Sometimes, you … Continue reading

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350 – Books: Maryse Choisy: A month among the men

Text on the book: Original book price was 50 cents Published by Pyramid Books, 1962, 127 pages. “Revealed! The strange ways and secret lives of an all male society, by the only woman ever to enter this foribidden world. ” … Continue reading

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337 – Women and Athos

Women say goodbye before the men enter the boat to Dafni, Athos. Weblog visitor Vicky Valanos asked the question about women on Athos. Several pages in Graham Speake’s book Renewal in Paradise rever to this subject. In a note he … Continue reading

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312 – Art: Maria Papadimitriou

(This post was changed on 12th july 2008)Maria Over Mount AthosA hot air balloon floats silently over Mount Athos… Not just any balloon but one carrying an image of Maria’s face. Much to the surprise of the monks living on … Continue reading

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311 – women on Athos

Dionysiou not PavlouThis morning the Dutch newspaper “Volkskrant” (page 4) wrote an article about the women that passed the border illegal yesterday. By mistake they showed this picture of Dionysiou, saying in was Pavlou. Oops!It has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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