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877 – Athos wines: Tsantali part 3

(read the first two episodes in 821 and 831). I have a confession to make: I am fond of a good glass of wine. Every now and then me and my friends have a wine tasting evening and enjoy all … Continue reading

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831 – Athos wines: Tsantali part 2

The Tsantali company makes a couple of wines on the slopes of Mount Athos. They are using the vineyards owned by the Russian monastery Panteleimon, called Chromitsa. The slopes are not far from the Athos border and if you look … Continue reading

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826 – New vineyard: St. Sava's Field

With the restoration of the Chilandariou monastery after the fire of 2004 the St Sava’s Field vineyard, abandoned 30 years ago, has been planted with 47,000 Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon vines, to produce wine for the monastery, as well as … Continue reading

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821 – Athos wines: Tsantali part 1

In this blog we mentioned the wines of Tsantali / Chromitsa a few times before, but some of these blogs were in Dutch, that’s why I decided to publish this information again (with some new information). Let’s start with a … Continue reading

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776 – Mylopotamos wine, part 2

Mylopotamos makes four (organic) wines: 1. Nama: a red sweet communion wine 2. Leukos: a white wine 3. Oinomeli: a rosé wine 4. Erythros: a dry red wine The wine is aged in barrels for 12 months. Nama: Grapes: made … Continue reading

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775 – Mylopotamos wine, part 1

Mylopotamos is the biggest dependency of the Holy Monastery of Megisti Lavra (Great Lavra). The tower and church with the name of St. Efstathios the Great Martyr were built by St. Athanasios the Athonite before 973 AD. A wise and … Continue reading

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742 – Ouzo invented by Athonite monks!

The history of ouzo is somewhat murky, but some claim it may date back in one form or another to ancient times. Its precursor is tsipouro (known by some Easterners as raki), a drink distilled throughout the Byzantine Empire and … Continue reading

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722- Tsantali wine

The best choise together with spaghetti bolognese? Read more.Metochi Chromitsa “The Chateau”View from the Ouranoupolis tower. If you take a good look when you are in Ouranoupolis, you see the onion shaped roofs of Chromitsa. On the picture it should … Continue reading

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718 – Making raki

Raki for breakfast in Kavsokalivia 2007 foto by hvhv

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633 – Tsantali man tells about the vineyard

A short film about the Tsantali vineyard (100 hectares) at Chromitsa next to the border. hv

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