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1501 – The destroyed (1968) guesthouse in Panteleimonos

The room in 1908 with the large Monstera deliciosa plant. The guesthouse in 1918 by Frenchman Millet. The same room in february 1917 when the French Russian troups left the peninsula. Officers and monks.1917-18 photo by French “Aviateur”. Details of … Continue reading

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1444 – book Dölger: Athos monasteries in 1941

In 1941 a German scientific expedision visited Athos. Prof Dr Dölger published a book in 1942, with many black and white pictures (also see 599, 1399 and 1281). Diamonitirion 1941 Today I will show the old pictures of the monasteries we plan to … Continue reading

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1399 – Books: Mönchsland Athos – 1942

During World War II the Nazies occupied Greece and Mount Athos, as mentioned before in this weblog (see categories “war“). It also gave Germans scholars the opportunity to do scientific investigations: the Byzantologist prof dr  Dölger visited Athos in 1942 with … Continue reading

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1330 – Pantocratoros stamp from 1944

Greece’s first semi-postal stamps were produced during the occupation. Use of these stamps was mandatory on domestic mail through that month. Proceeds from their sale went toward the Patriotic Charity and Awareness Institution Fund, for use in children’s welfare programs. … Continue reading

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1304 – Athos pictures from 1943 made by Bulgarian military

Two pictures from the Bulgarian from 1943. Together with the German occupiers the Bulgarians ruled in these years in a part of Greece/Macedonia-Thrace, see the map below: Wim, 7/6

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1218 – Athos and the Second World War

Athos: Easter 1941 In blog no. 1119 and 1176  I reviewed the book “Wege am Athos” from Reinhold Zwerger. A chapter about the 2nd World War (page 237 and further) is of special interest, because we can show you some … Continue reading

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1216 – Athos and Greek army

I removed the picture of F-16's flying over Stavronikita, because I agree with Fremaki that this picture was fake and there was no point in showing it. So this historical postcard of an historical event from November 2, 1912 remains. … Continue reading

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1194 – The naval battle of Athos

Painting by Alexey Bogolyubov During the Russo-Turkish War, fought between 1806-1812, the Naval Battle of Athos occurs on June 19th 1807. A Russian fleet commanded by Admiral Dmitry Nikolayevich Senyavin, attacked and destroyed an Ottoman fleet of some 20 naval … Continue reading

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1181 – more pictures of the French on Mt. Athos 1918

More than three years ago we showed you in blog nr 211 some pictures of the French and their general Sarrail, who occupied Mt. Athos together with the Russians in 1918/1919. I will show you these pictures agian, now in a … Continue reading

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1180 – Athos monks by French photographers in WW I: 1918

In the first World War Athos was occupied by the French for a short while. During this period a photographer “Le Baron”, who accompanied G. Milet, an Athos-“connaisseur”, took his change (just like Napeoleon did in Egypt more then 100 … Continue reading

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