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1832 – Shopping in Karyes

The only town on Athos, Karyes, has changed a lot and became more commercial in recent years. Not so very long ago there was only a bar (with food and a possibility to sleep. A zero-star hotel I was told … Continue reading

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1828 – Inside Iviron (towards the end of the third day)

After we installed ourselves in the guestroom at Iviron we relaxed for a while on our beds in the narrow white washed room with a very high ceiling. It had been a long day walking, starting in Vatopediou. When I … Continue reading

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1827 – Fast unloading at Kavsokalivia

Herman Voogd  

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1824 – Coastal towers along the monopati to Iviron (day three, final leg)

We left Stavonikita a bit against our will. We would have loved to stay a candlelit night here. But it was full so we made a reservation for Iviron, the next stop. A last view of the well restored Monastery … Continue reading

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1817 – book: Joice NanKivell Loch – A Fringe of Blue

In the small ‘library’of our summer holiday resort ‘Skitis Hotel-Bungalows’ I found this book of the wife of Sidney Loch, Joice NanKivell Loch, who lived in the tower until her death in 1981. The book is called  “A fringe of blue … Continue reading

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1816 – Natural red

Vegetation with Vatopedi in the background. “Coleus”-plant near the small back entrance of Stavronikita. Cactus fruits in front of Pantokratoros. Berries with Simonaspetras behind. Leaves in the forest.Rosehips near Chera on the central ridge between Vatopedi and Sografou. Tree Trunk … Continue reading

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1815 – Red

Karyes, main square with shop. Sign near Kaliagra. Reflection in the exo narthex of the Pantocratoros main church. The Esfigmenou fire truck.Birdsnest in Esfigmenou courtyard.Tomatoes in the Esfigmenou kitchen. Machine in Esfigmenou near the harbour. Pantokratoros near the main entrance.Fishnets … Continue reading

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1812 – In and around Stavronikita (day three, third leg)

We sat silently behind a glass of fresh water and some loukoumi in the guesthouse. The archontaris, the guest monk, was very quiet, contemplative, and we didn’t speak. We just sat in the gloomy, long and narrow room next to … Continue reading

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1809 – hike from Maroudá to Skiti Andreou

After a brief visit to Maroudá we had to return to Skiti Andreou, where we would spend the night. Soon after we left the kellion, the Protos of the Holy Epistasia, Father Paul, visited the kellion, as we found out later. … Continue reading

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1805 – Maroudá: the exterior

Today we wil take a closer look at the exterior of kellion Maroudá. The kellion lies on a 20 minutes walk from Skiti Andreou, as you can see on this image from Google maps: The image above shows the plan … Continue reading

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