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1871 – The visit of Grigoriou (fourth day, fifth leg)

We walked down from Simonos Petras till the crossing where we left our luggage. At the crossing is a fountain and a stone bench. We drank greedily. There the path splits; to a broad path right down to the arsanas, … Continue reading

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1865 – a closer look at Simonos Petras

Simonospetras is build on a rock, as you see on the pictures and plan below: The plan of the monastery is quite complex, because of its many floors. These plans will help you find your way:Building M1 is the guesthouse, … Continue reading

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1859 – the Kitchen Garden of Simonos Petras

One of the intriguing things on Mount Athos is the healthy food the monks eat. Many books has been published about this subject, for a good recipe look here. But where do the cooks of the monasteries get their ingredients … Continue reading

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1857- the hike from Karyes to Simonos Petras

On September 28th 2015 we walked from Karyes to Simonos Petras. The hike started on the main road from Karyes to Dafni and the totall distance was 13,3 km. It took us – including breaks – 4 hours.  Check this … Continue reading

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1856 – The visit of Simonos Petras (fourth day, fourth leg)

To continue the travel- and photoblog from our September 2015 pilgrimage we took the early morning bus from Iviron to Karyes and then later another bus to the harbour in Dafni, where we wanted to sail to Simonos Petras. I … Continue reading

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1849 – Skiti Andreou: a walk around the main church

The main church (E on the plan), build in 1900, was until recently the biggest church on the Balkan. It is enormous and ment for large groups of pilgrims, like the ones you see below on the historic picture from … Continue reading

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1845 – skiti Andreou September 2015

In this post I will show you some pictures from the backside of skiti Andreou, where not many people go. The pictures are from our last pilgrimage in September last year.The plan of skiti Andreou or Serail: A. Entrance B. Athonias … Continue reading

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1837 – Watercolours by Serbian artists of the ruins of Vasiliou

In 2015 we entered Mount Athos by boat from Ierissos. We passed the ruins of the small monastery of Saint Basil or Vasiliou. Vasiliou belongs to the Serbian monastery of Chilandariou. A couple of hundred meters inland the Milutin tower … Continue reading

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1836 – Ouranoupolis in the rain

                 When arriving at Makedonia airport in september 2015 it was raining very hard. Water flowed through the streets of Thessaloniki. But we safely reached the busstation by taxi and took the bus to Ouranoupolis, the town in Chalkidiki were … Continue reading

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1833 – around Skiti Andreou: the garden

Old picture of skiti Andreou  On our first day of our 2015 Athos pilgrimage, 20th of September, we slept in Skiti Andreou, the former Russian convent, now inhabited by Greek monks. I remember walking past this large settlement for the … Continue reading

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