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1696 – the hike from Lakkou skiti to Provata through Cucuvinu valley

We will never forget the friendly and helpfull Father Gabriel of hut nr 6 of Lakkou skiti where spend the night (see 1669). Before we left the skiti he gave us detailed information how to find our way to Provata … Continue reading

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1695 – When the waves are too high

When there is too much wind the ferries and taxiboats are not allowed to sail to the arsanas (harbours) of the Athos peninsula. In that case the pier in Ouranoupolis remains empty and no boats are te be seen. It … Continue reading

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1694 – Around Paulou

After a long and steady ascent on a broad dirt road we finally reached the monastery of Paulou.The industrious workers of Paulou had cleared the paths. The path to the right leads to the kiosk. This picture was taken from … Continue reading

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1692 – the 14 huts of Lakkou skiti

In my previous posts about skiti Lakkou I mentioned the 14 huts that recently have been renovated and inhabited again. According to father Gabriel they only are allowed to build new houses at the place where a ruin of an … Continue reading

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1687 – On our way to the Holy Monastery Paulou

When we departed from Dionysiou late in the morning of the new year a very social cat followed us for about a kilometre. He jumped from footstep to footstep which we had left in the snow. A lot of snow … Continue reading

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1684 – the icon painters of Lakkou skiti

One of the reasons to go to Mount Athos in 2014 was to buy a real Athos-icon. When we told Father Gabriel that we were looking for a good quality icon, he immediately brought us to a room in the … Continue reading

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1682 – A detour to the harbour of Nelios

If your last day on Athos has arrived you have to take the ferry back to Ouranoupolis. A good advise is to take the ferry on its way to the ” village” of Kavsokalivia and not go directly to Ouranoupolis.  … Continue reading

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1681 – Renovations near Paulou

This is the monastery of Paulou situated at the foot of Mt. Athos. The tower near the beach is a defense tower probably from the Byzantine period. This photograph was taken a few years ago. The situation has changed since … Continue reading

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1678 – A walk around Dionysiou

We received a warm and friendly welcome in the guest house of Dionysiou. It was good to be in a monastery after the walk from Grigouriou in the snow. We had a spicy discussion with another guest about our walking … Continue reading

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1676 – Oranges in a white world

Oranges, we eat them a lot but we never seen them growing on trees in Western Europe. The association with oranges is for us summer, not winter or snow. Nevertheless there were plenty of oranges, mandarin and lemons in Nea … Continue reading

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