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1476 – Ruins

Although many buildings on Mt. Athos are renovated or newly build there are still a lot of houses in decay and many ruins. Above the two buildings at the border in 2009.  The little building on the left still intact. … Continue reading

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1474 – Athos 2013

Tonight we are reuniting and reliving our Athos trip in september 2013. Showing each other photo’s, telling our adventures and drinking Greek wine.  On the left Jit Bakker, Gertjan and Wim Voogd. Also known as the Vienna group because they … Continue reading

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1471 – the Vatopediou harbor and Derek Hill (art)

At the end of the peer of Vatopediou you will find a small building, on this picture just under the yellow construction crane. On this engraving from 1876 the kiosk is also to be seen. Old houses on Vatopediou coast. When … Continue reading

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1470 – The house and chapel of Saint Nelios

On the footpath (monopati) to the kellion of Saint Nelios were our group walked in september 2013 we saw this desertlike plant. On the right one of the last houses of Kavsokalivia.     We walked from Kavsokalvia situated on the … Continue reading

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1469 – Docheiariou 26 September 2013: the sound of the semantron and bells

On September 26 this year we ended our Athos trip in Docheiariou, for me it was 33 years ago I visited this monastery. Docheiariou 1980 After it got dark we ended up on a balcony, where this picture was taken … Continue reading

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1466 – Esfigmenou monastery

On our way from Ierissos to Vatopediou we passed Esfigmenou: Detail of the Zwerger map: the NE-coast of Athos with Agiou Vasiliou and Esfigmenou Arsanas Esfigmenou and the Antonios Petserski chapel A bit futher on we passed the Agiou Theodoros … Continue reading

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1464 – Athos North East coast: Agiou Vasiliou and arsanas Chilandariou

After passing Cape Arapis the boats heads towards to the harbour or arsanas of Chilandariou, but first the boat sails along the Agiou Vasiliou buildings and ruins. Two days later we had the opportunity to visit Agiou Vasiliou and have … Continue reading

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1461 – Arapis: the forgotten part of Athos

In post 572 I showed you some images of this forgotten part of Athos. No monasteries, settlements of houses are to be found in thise area, and because we started in Ierissos this year, I was able to take some … Continue reading

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1458 – From Saloniki with the bus to Ouranoupolis

In 2013 my fellow pilgrims and I drove in less then 3 hours from Haarlem, The Netherlands to the airport of Cologne/Bonn in Germany where we took a Germanwings flight directly to Thessaloniki. At the time for us the cheapest … Continue reading

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1457 – the Athos border at Komitsa beach

Most pilgrims know the Athos border near Ouranopolis, that is situated some 3 km from this little town. Here are two pictures from the border taken last month:                         … Continue reading

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