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1771 – the hike from skiti Andreou – Maroudá

After arriving in Dafni on September 20th and the bustrip to Karyes, we went to skiti Andreou, where we would spend the night. We reveiced a traditional welcome with coffee, a light red Tsipourou with a special fruit taste, loukoumi and … Continue reading

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1767 – Karyes September 2015

On our first day of our pilgrimage to Athos on Sunday 20th of September we reserved a place to sleep at Skiti Andreou (or Serail). Before we went there we tried to get an extention of our Diamoniterion at the … Continue reading

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1647 – Stratos Kalafatis: “Athos: Colors of Faith”

80 very nice color images by Stratos Kalafatis. Here you can see them all.This is a still from a short film where you see the photographer at work. Mind the wall of this ruin on which you see the vague … Continue reading

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1626 – (Former) Russian settlements on Athos seen from the air

The yellow arrow points to the large skiti of Andreou or Serail in the village of Karyes. Once a Russian enclave now inhabited by Greek monks. The blue arrow gives a  nice image of the dirt road over the mountain … Continue reading

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1520 – old postcards from Athos by J.S. Varsano

Here are some postcards from monasteries and a skete dating the beginning of the last century (1906) PanteleimonDocheiariouSkiti Andreou, sent 1915 (without the main church, the situation before 1900)SografouVatopediou Wim, 9/3

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1485 – How things change…..?

Dionysiou by Fred Boissonnas in 1928-30 and in 2013 by hv. Kavsokalivia 20th century and in 2013 Sk Andreou, before the large church was build (1900) and in 2013 Detail of the ruined part of Sk. Andreou (2013) hv

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1467 – Wild boars seen from Sk. Andreou

The picture above is taken from the guestquarters of Andreou in september 2013. When in the evening standing on one of the balconies of the guestquarters of Skite Andreou somebody with a strong torchlight beamed at the forest below and … Continue reading

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1413 – Historical portraits of hagiorites

Most of these portraits are made in the photostudio of St Andrew skite, early 20th century.  So most men are Russian, In most cases names are not known.  Some photographs are taken in the studio of Kavsokalivia. The complete glasplate … Continue reading

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1389 – Karyes seen from the road to Dafni

Karyes c. 1875 In the right corner, in the distance Iviron. Skiti Andreou 2009 Ruin in KaryesKaryes, view on the mountain. hv

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1356 – Monks of dust by Xavier Zimbardo

“”In the room next door to Father Pavlos’s restoration workshop [in Skiti Andreou hv], I discovered a treasure of very old photographs. The pictures were roughly the same size as those that figure on passports. They looked fairly normal to … Continue reading

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