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1845 – skiti Andreou September 2015

In this post I will show you some pictures from the backside of skiti Andreou, where not many people go. The pictures are from our last pilgrimage in September last year.The plan of skiti Andreou or Serail: A. Entrance B. Athonias … Continue reading

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1833 – around Skiti Andreou: the garden

Old picture of skiti Andreou  On our first day of our 2015 Athos pilgrimage, 20th of September, we slept in Skiti Andreou, the former Russian convent, now inhabited by Greek monks. I remember walking past this large settlement for the … Continue reading

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1821 – more stills from the documentary “A thousand years on Mount Athos”

The documentary I showed you in the last blog (1820) has some interesting scenes from unknown places on Athos. But first I will show you a few stills from Panteleimonos, starting with a picture from an (very) old monk, who … Continue reading

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1751 – more about the deserted kelli near Stavronikita

On our last day of our recent pilgrimage we hiked from Stavronikita to Karyes. Soon after leaving the monastery we encounterd a deserted building, see light blue pin on the map below, with latitude 40.2625 and longitude 24.2564. The deserted … Continue reading

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1750 – a room in a ruin….

 On our way from Stavronikita to Karyes we passed just one of the many ruins on Mount Athos. When I went in to take a closer look I found this collection of skulls in a room……. Wim, 28/9

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1748 – the cave of St. Cosmas

What can I add to the two briljant stories with fine pictures of Bas Kamps in post 1024 and 1025? As mentioned in my last post from yesterday it is sad to see how the surroundings of the cave are destroyed … Continue reading

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1747 – hike: Chilandariou to Sografou

On September 25th 2013 we walked this hike of 7,74 km’s in 2 hours and 1 minute. This is including a detour to the cave of St. Cosmas. On the following spots I took the pictures you can see below. … Continue reading

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1743 – the Silouan mill (2)

In my first post about these buildings (1742) we had a look at the first building on the ground floor. Today we examine the three higher floors. But first let me show a picture of the all buildings, found on, … Continue reading

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1742 – the Silouan mill (1)

On our pilgrimage in 2013 we were able to take a closer look at the extraordinary complex of buildings, not far from Roussikon and known as the Silouan mill. The four buildings are on top of each other and as we … Continue reading

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1714 – the Saint George chapel near Morfonou

As mentioned before in other posts on this weblog, Athos keeps surprizing me with unknown places and buildings, like this small chapel of St. George. According to the Rumenian Pemptousia website the chapel lies on a half an hour climb from … Continue reading

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