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1394 – The Romanian skiti of Prodromou in the 19th century

Early shot of Prodromou, probably 1890. The skite will get the shape of a monastery, as you can see below,  but here not all the buildings and walls are finished. On this photo a large building is added to the … Continue reading

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1319 – the surroundings of Skiti Prodromou – 1

The plan of Skiti Prodromou, from Google Earth. After dinner I took the opportunity to walk around the skiti. Here the square in front of the main entrance, seen from the wall at spot B. Near spot B: a gate … Continue reading

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1317 – Skiti Prodromou

When hiking from Lavra to the Rumenian Skiti Promomou this building is the only kellion, (Aforismena) you will see, wtith the slopes of Mount Athos on the background After a half an hour walk you’ll reach the road leading towards … Continue reading

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1197 – film: Mount Athos Monk's Republic on You Tube

With the help of our Greek Athos friend Giannis/Keliotes I found the complete documentary on You Tube (in French and Greek):    Another Athos-friend Vasilis showed us this film on You Tube about Kafsokalívia and the cave of Agios Neílos:    … Continue reading

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1121 – Thebais/Thivais

This a print af the Russian settlement of Thebais one of the first real interesting sites you will see when sailing by ferry to Dafni. The image dates from 1882 and it is probably part fiction. But if you look … Continue reading

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1104 – film: the cave of Ag. Gerasimou

  A short film from December 2009 from Ag. Anna of a unique place on the Holy Mountain, the cave of Agiou Gerasimou / Kefallinias (6'55). Never showed before ! Wim, 2/9 

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993 – 2009 Trip to Athos: Karyes and Skiti Andreou day 1 – 14

After arriving on the main road to Karyes soon the panorama of the the small capital appears. The camera point in South East direction. Behind the large building with the rusted roof lies the Protaton church and in the background … Continue reading

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986 – Athos on Google Earth / Community Walk

This map shows you the most important buildings on the Holy Mountain and might help you get around. Beware, Google Earth and Panaramio isn’t that acurate with positioning places and pictures, so you better look here (also see Links: “Map … Continue reading

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795 – Skiti Magoula

While watching this video on You Tube I was surprized to see this large building (1.40 min.) , that I never saw before. The pictures are of poor quality, but I could not find any others in my library or … Continue reading

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778 – Sk. Ag. Annis

1997 1997 Guestmonk. Breakfast 1997 Your webmaster (hv) in Sk. Annis in 1997. In the background the Sithonia peninsula.hv

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