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2027 – Are parts of the Xerxes Canal still visible?

Aerial view of the location of the Xerxes Canal by Google Maps where I marked the probable beginning (Xerxes with his fleet came from the East) and the ending of the canal near Tripiti. Roughly the course of the canal … Continue reading

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2023 – A walk along the border

This September I spent the holidays with my wife in the beautiful Skites Resort between Ouranoupolis and the Athos border. No plans to visit Athos but after some  time I felt the urge to make a long walk and see … Continue reading

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1844 – Raymond Geldermans’ travels to the Holy Mountain

Sometimes a chain of unexpected events leads to a surprising outcome. That is how most of the inventions arise. A former colleague of mine wanted a fresh start on the labour market after her world tour and after the birth … Continue reading

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1836 – Ouranoupolis in the rain

                 When arriving at Makedonia airport in september 2015 it was raining very hard. Water flowed through the streets of Thessaloniki. But we safely reached the busstation by taxi and took the bus to Ouranoupolis, the town in Chalkidiki were … Continue reading

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1817 – book: Joice NanKivell Loch – A Fringe of Blue

In the small ‘library’of our summer holiday resort ‘Skitis Hotel-Bungalows’ I found this book of the wife of Sidney Loch, Joice NanKivell Loch, who lived in the tower until her death in 1981. The book is called  “A fringe of blue … Continue reading

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1716 – Athos now and 45 years ago

Dionysiou in the 1970ties (photos by Herman Hissink) and in the winter of 2014/15. Dafni (1970ties) and in 2015. Ouranoupolis. The photo’s from the 1970ties are made by Dutch teacher Herman Hissink and are from a photobook by one of … Continue reading

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1607- The island of Caprus

Before reaching Ierisssos, one of the harbours to start the trip to Athos,  there are some long stretched beaches. The straight line of the beach is interrupted by a more curved piece of land.         On older maps this piece … Continue reading

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1605 – The goat from Amouliani

In 2013 for the second time we rented a small boat at Akrogiali Hotel in Ouranoupolis to sail to Amouliani Island. A short trip to nice beaches, good swimming, eating at the main island and a perfect view on the … Continue reading

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1521 – more old postcards

Mount Athos: G. Bader Solonique Karyes: The cell of St. Nicholas Burazeri (also see 1287) Ship Elli near the arsanas of Vatopediou 1923 Ship Elli 1923 arsanas Lavra Ship Elli 1923 Kafsokalivia Ouranopolis beach Ouranopolis pier/boat Ouranopolis tower Athos life … Continue reading

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1465 – Skites hotel and bungalows

When in Ouranoupolis don’t skip the Skites hotel and bungalows. You can’t miss it when walking to the Mt. Athos border 850 meters from the town. It is perfect place to stay or to eat and drink because totally different … Continue reading

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