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1069 – Art. Dmitri Anatolyevich Belyukin. A Russian painter on the Holy Mountain

Dmitri Belyukin is a Russian painter, born in 1962 (he was introduced with three paintings in post 520.) I will show some more works of this artist. A view on Panteleimon He paints skillfully in a historic, naturalistic tradition. He … Continue reading

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1058- Art – The result of Alfons Mucha´s trip to Athos

Alfons Mucha (1860-1939) was a Czech artist, who became the father of a new style of art `Art Nouveau`, starting with his series of posters for performances of the actress Sarah Bernardt. He became enormously popular with his style, but … Continue reading

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1056 – Fathers 2009

Father on the ferry, in the background XenophontosFather Podromos of Skete Anni and father Joachim of Mylopotamos watching the mountain at sunset sitting in the kiosk of Mylopotamos.Father Podromos of Skete Anni who is helping to repaint the chapel of … Continue reading

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1052 – Athos pictures from Kostas Argyris

Sixteen extraordinary black and white pictures from the Greek photographer and artist Kostas Argyris. They are of excellent quality, look here . Some of them are dated 1992. Wim, 7/5

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726 – The story of Esfigmenou by Tom Whipple

The tale of the Esphigmenou monks is one that should exist only in the pages of a Dan Brown thriller. Divided from the Orthodox establishment by a theological disagreement, and living in an isolated monastic peninsula, they are fighting a … Continue reading

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713 – Esfigmenou BBC news: The orthodox point of view

Vasilis showed me this message (from the BBC news and Esfigmenou) on You Tube with the opinion of the ‘rebel’ monks: Wim, 15-2

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666 – Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: his number is 666" (Rev 13:16-18).

Durer 1498Read here an article of Elder Paisos of Mount Athos, Panagouda Cell of Koutloumousiou Monastery, The article was written on Saturday, First Week of Lent, 1987.This is Panagouda, the hermitage of Elder Paisos. Foto by Apostolos, digitalviews.hv

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659 – Gifts to Jesus

The Wise Men then presented Jesus with three gifts – gold (a precious alloy), frankincense (perfume) and myrrh (anointing oil). Scholars debate whether the gifts were medicinal or materials, but each had symbolic value. Gold was kingship on earth, while … Continue reading

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592 – True Cross

This is the largest known fragment of the True Cross in the world. It is treasured at the Holy Monastery of Xeropotamou, Mt. Athos. A hole from the nail that went through our Saviour’s right hand, can be seen surrounded … Continue reading

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556 – Reaction on nr. 550

Three flags, one black, on the tower of Esfigmenou (photo by Theologos Tats) We brought you earlier the news that the monks of Esfigmenou threathened to blow up the monastery. The news came among others from a dutch source (wereldomroep). … Continue reading

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