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1448 – Sant Atanasio in Rome

When I was in Rome this summer I saw this church, San Atanasio, one of the Orthodox churchfathers, not to be mistaken with Athanasius the Athonite. It is not an Orthodox church. The church is associated with the Greek Byzantine … Continue reading

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1435 – Orthodox flag?

The two headed eagle flag in the Protaton Church in the capital of Mount Athos KaryesThe yellow eagle flag on the Esfigmenou monastery with the black flag which represents the resistance of the monks against Patriarch Bartholomew who stands for … Continue reading

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1321 – the cave of Athanasius

More then five years ago I expressed my wish to visit the cave of the founder of the Lavra monastery (see 116, the text at that time was still in Dutch). In 2011 I finally had a change to go … Continue reading

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1188 – Adam Lum visit to the Holy Mountain

In november 2009 Adam Lum, an American photographer, visited the Holy Mountain. Here are some of his pictures. This one is called Panagia clouds. An amazing sunrise from Panagia, above the clouds. Panagia is the chapel on the way to … Continue reading

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1163 – The smart person accepts, the idiot insists

(also see 1112) Michael Lewis, a financial journalist, published last October in Vanity Fair an article about the Greek financial crisis. New York columnist David Brooks choose this article as the best essay of 2010 (The Sidney Award). It is … Continue reading

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1148 – the monk who walked from Siberia to Athos

Fourteen years ago, at the age of 15, Sergius Alexeevich embarked on a seven and a half month journey on foot from Siberia to the Garden of the Panagia on Mount Athos.He set out from Tobolsk in western Siberia and walked … Continue reading

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1131 – Bruce Chatwins desicive moment

In weblog 1079 we cited an article in the Telegraph about Bruce Chatwin´s visit to Athos. Chatwin´s descive moment came when he walked from Vatopediou to Stavronikita, when he saw this cross. He wrote: `The most beautiful sight of all … Continue reading

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