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1764 – the Nea Skiti fire on September 22nd (2)

On our last pilgrimage to Athos I posted these pictures in 1749, a few minutes after the fire was extinguished. Here is whole story and more pictures. After arriving at the kellion of Father Nikon and Eugenios at 14.50 h. … Continue reading

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1749 – fire in Nea Skiti

Just after arriving at Nea Skiti today a fire started in the kaliva of Father Raphael. He is not harmed in any way, but he was very sad because his house is burned. The chapel looks untouched by the fire. … Continue reading

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1700 – Living on the edge and leaving Nea Skiti

Till the end of times we will remember that night in Nea Skiti. In the small room there were four beds, but no room to move. The four beds filled the whole room. We removed one camp bed temporarily to … Continue reading

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1699 – Lost in Nea Skiti

The walk from Paulou to Nea Skiti is short. But the walk in Nea Skiti was long and confusing. Because we didn’t know where to go. Since Lewis Carroll we understand that: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any … Continue reading

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1682 – A detour to the harbour of Nelios

If your last day on Athos has arrived you have to take the ferry back to Ouranoupolis. A good advise is to take the ferry on its way to the ” village” of Kavsokalivia and not go directly to Ouranoupolis.  … Continue reading

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1676 – Oranges in a white world

Oranges, we eat them a lot but we never seen them growing on trees in Western Europe. The association with oranges is for us summer, not winter or snow. Nevertheless there were plenty of oranges, mandarin and lemons in Nea … Continue reading

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1426 – Mules of Skiti Anna and Nea Skiti

To get supplies from the harbour to the skiti of St. Anna itself, which is located on a height of 300 meters, mules are needed because the Skiti cannot reached by car. The two pictures above are from Nea Skiti … Continue reading

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